Evening Saigon Street Food Jeep Tour

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Saigon down town
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Evening Saigon Street Food Jeep Tour

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Saigon Jeep Tour provides daily local jeep tours Ho Chi Minh City. You’ll learn that there is not only Vietnamese food of Pho and Banh Mi but also there is the complexity of flavors from the use of fresh, simple ingredients.

Taking park in our Evening Saigon Street Food Jeep Tour, we will eat where the locals do and also have a great chance to see how your order is prepared and served too!

Saigon Jeep Tour guide will pick you off at your hotel for the meeting point. You will then begin walking around 4- 5 Km in “the district 1” to visit some famous and specialized – food families or stalls,  local restaurants, shops where they run their business every day, certainly you will watch and taste around 6- 8 particular dishes, we can customize vegetarian or special food too.

Our guide will introduce Saigon Street Food Jeep Tour today you are going to taste at the popular authentic foods in the alley ways, small streets, walk the alleys ways that event many local may lost their way too! You will visit the markets that event many local event think that it is exit in the areas!

It is not easy for you to find local food places on your own in a tiny and hidden alleys and sidewalks. It is certainly the best way to make it easy is to join in us for this, taking part in this special Saigon Foodie Tour to experience about Vietnamese cuisine, culture, people and language.

You will then experience an authentic Saigon Street Food Jeep Tour. We do our best to ensure that the food is handled hygienically and provide a comfortable venue for the tastings. The benefit also goes back to the vendors or restaurants/ families as we buy directly from them.

Trip end at 10 pm.





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Evening Saigon Street Food Jeep Tour

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